Sunday, October 05, 2014

Should Everyone Vote?

Carl Gibson says:

"Too many people think that by not voting, they’re making a political statement that they have no confidence in our current political system. But in reality, not showing up to vote is making a de facto political statement that they accept the status quo and see no reason to show up to change it. In contrast, by showing up to vote, you’re making the statement that as a citizen, you’re paying attention to what people being paid with your tax dollars to make decisions on your behalf are doing. And if they aren’t representing your interests with your votes, you’re exercising your right to fire them. When you have the opportunity to cast your ballot and don’t, you’re letting corrupt, ineffective elected officials know that things in your life are good enough that you’ll let them keep their jobs."
 It's a nice idea, and everyone should vote.  The problem is, good luck finding a candidate to vote for who isn't going to protect the status quo.

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