Friday, October 10, 2014

Oregon GMO Labeling

From the Institute for Responsible Technology:
"Oregon voters are being hammered with a huge disinformation campaign about Measure 92 funded by the likes of Monsanto, PepsiCo and Dow to the tune of $5.45 MILLION."  
If they want to poison our food supply, they can own up to it with proper labeling.  They can pretend it's about "freedom" of choice for consumers (to "choose" to eat chemicals, genetically modified organisms, cheap sugar substitutes and food "enhancers" that make us fat and sick), but what they really advocate is the freedom of corporations to bully independent farmers and put whatever crap in our food they want if we're stupid, desperate or uneducated enough to pay them money for it.  If you believe the purpose of food and food production is for the sustenance and health of all people, not for corporate profit, speak with your ballot.

Vote yes on Measure 92.

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