Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GMOs Oregon Ballot Measure 92

Here is a local article outlining who is supporting and opposing GMO labeling and why, but this paragraph pretty much sums it up:
Labeling supporters say there aren’t enough studies on the impacts of GMOs, so consumers have a right to know if they are eating them. Critics say mandatory labels would mislead consumers into thinking engineered ingredients are unsafe, which scientists have not proven.
When your position is that science needs to prove that eating something is going to hurt us BEFORE we ban (or even label) it, I think you're really grasping.  How about if science proves that it's safe FIRST and then we eat it?  You might be wondering why we can't just eat good old-fashioned food, and the sad answer is that no corporation can monopolize and capitalize off of that, therefore it's a bad idea all around.

Vote YES on Measure 92 - at least make Monsanto and Pepsico work for it just a little.

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