Sunday, March 29, 2009

My 7-Year-Old Coffee Snob

The other day my kids were at work with me and J asked if I would make him an espresso. An Americano (espresso and water) had just been made by accident, and I was drinking it even though it's not my favorite drink. (WHY does it feel less wasteful to eat something you dont want than to just throw it away?) So I took a tiny bit of the Americano, poured a bunch of milk into it and gave it to J.

It will be another thing he'll be using to impress the other adults in his life. One of his teachers told me that J is very sophisticated because he eats sushi and Thai food and frog legs and escargot... and anything really. Actually he's never had escargot, but that's his mother's fault. He really wants to, but French food is expensive and eating snails grosses me out, so I haven't exactly been all over helping him out with that.

As for the adults who tell me how cultured he is --I always have to just nod and smile, because what I'm really thinking is, at home he doesn't talk about any of that even half as much as he talks about butts and farting and assorted bodily fluids/functions -- he doesn't generally seem all that mature or fancypants around here. I'm hoping maybe with time...

Also, unfortunately his "sophisticated" palate doesn't extend to health food. He's currently being screened for a suspected food allergy, so he said, "You know I just thought of something I eat a lot of that's probably making me sick -- salad and vegetables."

Nice try, we told him. A for effort, C for creativity, F minus for subtlety.

(The current suspect is pineapple by the way, and I really hope that's the ticket, given the ease with which one can avoid it.)

After J discovered the Americano my husband was home with him for the day and when I got home he said, "I offered J a hot chocolate this morning, but he told me that all he drinks now is an Americano - where the hell did that come from?"

Hey, I told him, when you're hip you're hip, who can help it.

On a more serious note, if I had the energy to go on and on or analyze or even just think for a minute - I would write about this, but I don't - so I'll just leave you with a link to this thought-provoking piece from NYT. Additionally, the author of said piece has done a lot of fascinating work collected here.


Anjali said...

Pretty soon he's going to be asking for a caramel vente maccachino latte -- or whatever they are called. (I don't speak coffee, nor do I drink it!)

Elizabeth said...

My son drinks a cup of coffee every morning, he puts in a ton of french vanilla creamer and sugar, and it's flavored coffee, but still. He also loves the McDonald's coffee drinks. And he's 10!

Anonymous said...

I think it is appalling you give your child coffee.