Monday, November 03, 2008

Finally - the big day!

Don't forget to vote!

No matter who steals, I mean wins the election this year, I will just be happy that the Obamarama Lovefest 08 will finally come to a close. Thanks be to Jehovah -- or whomever, I don't really care - just please, someone in the universe (anyone!) make it stop already!

So that once again, I can read the newspaper without screaming out loud. At least from time to time - I suppose I get kind of cranky even when it isn't an election year.

On behalf of all the journalists I've hated for the past several months, I just want to acknowledge that I understand no one thought it possible for GW to be elected to a second term, so by God, no one wanted to take a chance that a republican get into office again by, say, reporting the facts, simply the facts, this time around. But still, that we live in a country with a media that is willing to act as a mouthpiece for the government, as it did when it spouted all of the propaganda for beginning the Iraq war, and again as it has now to campaign for Obama - is far more frightening to me than the prospect of John McCain as president.

Did I just say that?

I did. And I mean it. (For laughs, Kristol tells us why we needn't fear McCain.)

But tomorrow it will all be over and everyone can either weep for Obama or realize that he's just a politician like all the rest and not likely to deliver the salvation everyone seems to be seeking. And the media can finally utter a critical word and everybody can complain about what a bad job he's doing -- I just can't wait! Well, sort of. With any luck he might be able to keep us from financial collapse and a 100 year war, and just maybe he'll sign some equal pay legislation and perhaps a small bit of health care reform (assuming he knows how to squeeze blood from a proverbial turnip) - but whatever happens it probably won't look all that spectacular, and I will relish the eradication of the Collective Obama Infatuation Syndrome.

Although, someone was obviously after my heart when they wrote this story about Obama -- had I known he is superstitious early on, I might have been in love with him all these months too!

Am I doom and gloom or what? I should start a church! But seriously, vote. Not that our beloved Obama needs your help -- he's so perfect surely he'll win regardless, but really I mean it - vote. It's your right and your civic duty.


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Anjali said...

I love that you aren't afraid to be critical of a candidate you are voting for. Such a rare, rare thing!

Great post.

Bihter said...

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Bihter said...

Hi Staci,

The author, Christopher Flett, was featured in the NY Times regarding women keeping their careers on track while having their family. His book, "What Men Don't Tell Women About Business" was sold out at the Barnes and Noble I went to so I ordered it at Amazon. I read a lot of blogs and he seems to be popular.

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Anyway, keep up the great topics.



sarah said...

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