Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Life is Overwhelmingly Busy - Get a Puppy!

I had good intentions at the beginning of the week and I thought I would leave you while I’m at BlogHer with one of those Google search posts that so many seem to like. Or, I thought, maybe I’ll tell you this story about swimming and mother-worry and how I learned that babies just grow up even without their mothers stressing about it every second – you know, just in case I’m not the only one who suffers from “if he can’t deliver the Gettysburg Address by the time he’s two, will he EVER learn how to converse at a cocktail party” syndrome.

But instead I’m going to tell you all about my life of late (I apologize in advance to those who wish I would shut up and tell a funny story already). Be warned, my life is very glamorous, you might be really jealous after reading about it. Okay, maybe “busy” is a better word than “glamorous” but I like the sound of glamorous better. Mostly, I want you to know I haven’t been neglecting my blog reading (or story writing) just because I’m a jerk.

I’m taking a fun class this summer about film and politics, in which half of each class is spent watching a movie. Sounds easy, yes? Yes. And interesting, except for this book I have to read that is a “Marxist-Semiotic approach to film analysis.” Yes – it is just as riveting as it sounds, maybe slightly less – and dear God I can’t wait to finish it.

Then, since kids and work and school just isn’t enough (and because Ralph Nader guilted me into it), I’ve been working on a project to allow Instant Runoff Voting in Oregon. If any of you are in the Portland area and want to help out we have a great and enthusiastic group, so please e-mail me for information.

And now, last but not least, on Sunday I had a realization that I’d hardly see my kids for this whole week, and in a moment of temporary guilt-ridden insanity we got a puppy. He’s still a baby and has to stay with his mama for another two weeks, but – well, we got a puppy! Shortly after it was a done deal I panicked and through wheezing, on the brink of collapse, said to my husband, “Oh no, I don’t think that was a good idea at all, why didn’t you stop me!”

He insisted that we’ll be happy when the puppy arrives, “Honey, they’re not like kids who take you for granted and don’t appreciate anything you do. That’s why people love their dogs so much. We won’t regret it.”

Then I was talking to a friend at work and she shook her head, very emotionally, and said, “Yeah we had a dog once – never again!”

I thought oh my god what have I gotten myself into. And then she got choked up and said the dog had died when her kids were little after they’d had him for 13 years and it was so devastating that she would never get another dog again – this was like twenty-five years ago and she’s not over it.

Evidently there’s just something about dogs, and I’m about to find out what it is. So, stay tuned for dog pictures/stories. He’s very cute now, but of course he doesn’t quite live here yet and I suppose we’ll see how cute he is after the third time he’s peed on the carpet. And he’ll be here just in time to go with us on our beach trip and our camping trip and I enrolled us in puppy preschool so I can be just as neurotic as a dog owner as I am as a parent.

Plus after we thought about it, we realized that we’ve been planning to remodel the entire house in the next year or so, including replacing all of the flooring, so it’s a great time for us to train a puppy. Right? Please somebody say it’s a good time. Anybody.

Okay, that’s my so-called life in a nutshell – if you’re going to BlogHer I look forward to seeing you!


Pug Man said...

puppy eating corn now is that not adorable. Everybody should get a puppy a nice pug puppy so it can grow big and strong and eat corn

Melissa said...

Wow there! Go puppy!

By which I mean: I admire your courage and your willingness to commit to a pet, especially as said pet will thrill your children to no end.

Also I maybe a little bit mean: Thank goodness it's you and not me.

Have a great blogher!

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Anonymous said...


It was so great to meet you this morning! Don't let people scare you into thinking you made the wrong decision about your puppy. It can be a little hectic at first, but that dog will be a part of your family before you know it! I hope you enjoy the rest of BlogHer!

Anjali said...

Have a wonderful time at BlogHer! And you must post pictures of the pup when you have a chance!