Monday, June 02, 2008

The Propaganda Machine aka "the media"

I'm sharing a link to a petition that I hope you'll sign calling for an investigation into former white house Press Secretary, Scott McClellan's, claims that the media cooperated with the government to lie to the American public about the war in Iraq.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm not enamored of Scott McClellan. If my friends and I went on a killing spree and a policeman let us get away with it and later I wrote a book saying, "my friends killed all these people, and the rotten police officers didn't do anything about it, and aren't I a hero for telling you about it," -- well, that's not impressive. McClellan used to be a dirtbag and now he's a dirtbag and a disloyal, bad friend.

Still, that doesn't mean what he said isn't true. And even if it weren't, I have other reasons for being cynical toward the so-called news.

To mention a few, as someone who knows a thing or two about Catholicism and works in the mortgage industry I can tell you right now that pretty much any time I read an article on either of those two subjects in the New York Times (which is my favorite newspaper, you'll wonder why by the time I'm done here, but still...) I always think to myself, gee, I know times are hard for newspapers - I wonder if the fact-checkers are the first people to get fired. Seriously, I'm astounded over and over by the misinformation that passes for news, and that's just on the subjects I know something about.

All of that is to say nothing of how irritating it is that every time the media's beloved Obama eeeks out a win in a state, the media cheers at the top of its lungs that he's pretty much won the nomination nee the election in November. And every time Clinton takes a state by a landslide the media headlines say, "Clinton wins -- why won't she just quit?" And if that doesn't work they just ignore the fact that it's fine to point out that the demographic group we refer to as "black" is overwhelmingly supporting Obama (and certainly it doesn't make them "racist"), but if the (much larger) demographic group we refer to as "white working class" is supporting Clinton then that's racist. I like it even better when journalists go out of their way to point out that those people didn't have the privilege of going to college, as if democracy should only be for the people who are smart enough and rich enough to not have to flip our burgers and pump our gas.

In other words -- to make a short story long -- I'm sick of the media. Click here and join me in the fight to force news organizations to just do their damn jobs already.


The Eeyore Librarian said...

I think that's where your're wrong. Their job is not to deliver news to us its to make a profit for their shareholders - that's the only legal obligation they have. They have no legal obligation to 'inform' us of anything. I wish there was a solution to that, but don't be kidding yourselves. If they do accidently deliver something resembling 'news' its purely by coincidence.

Staci Schoff said...

Ah, someone more cynical than me! I hope you're wrong -- without journalists to keep corporations and government honest, we are doomed.

Mary Alice said...

I have nothing intelligent to add to this. Just that I think I’ve had enough to drink tonight because I read “fart checkers” instead of "fact checkers" in your fourth paragraph. I’ll be back to read it again later with coffee and my glasses.

Lisa said...

The fact is the media is not about FACTS anymore it's about ENTERTAINMENT.

And that, folks, is a sad state of affairs.

Rose&Thorn said...

Blame is a funny thing, people just hate to stand up to the plate and accept their responsibility. All politicians love to spread it around.

Anonymous said...