Monday, June 09, 2008

A Blog About Blogging (or not)

I was reading about a BlogHer contest and one of the categories is "Blogging About Blogging" and it occurred to me that I never blog about blogging. (If you're wondering, I'm not writing this post in hopes of submitting it to the contest -- I will tell you ahead of time, this post will be way too lame to submit to any contest, so do with that what you will... life is short, I'll understand.)

I did want to wax unpoetic for a minute about the roller coaster ride that is blogging. As in, sometimes all I want to do is blog and other times I wish I'd never started this damn blogging nonsense in the first place. I know I'm not alone because I've sent a virtual hug to many of my favorite bloggers on several occasions when they've posted, "I'm never blogging again." More often than not, they come back eventually - I have the same feelings from time to time - I just don't share them.

Which got me to thinking about different blogging styles. I never (except for today) write an "I need a hug" post (or a post that I don't first write in Word and then revise before posting), but other people write them all the time. So I thought, what the hell, if I don't ask for a hug, this blog will just go another week without being updated, because the main source of my stress right now is I have to revise three pieces of writing for my final that is due in two days and I am completely and entirely uninspired to write anything whatsoever.

Plus, I knew this is a good time to try to pull off a non-blog-post since I figured you'll all just be relieved that I'm not ranting about Hillary Clinton again. I am profoundly disappointed as you can probably guess - maybe that's why I can't focus -- but I'll spare you for now. Once I make it through this week, I'll be working on an essay tentatively called "Why I Love Hillary Clinton Even Though I Don't, Why I Gave Ralph Nader $10 Even Though I Won't Vote for Him Even Though I Love Him and Why I Hate Barack Obama Even Though I Don't." But to state the obvious, it's still in the "needs a lot of work" stage.

And did I mention I'm having trouble focusing? And that the kids are out of school in two days and my babysitter only likes to work 10 hours per week max, but I have to work 32? And that my son is expecting a birthday party in two weeks, and I just realized that was the expectation yesterday?


So the only other thing I have for you is a book recommendation -let me forever after be known as the person who doesn't necessarily write something interesting, but can at least recommend something interesting. I just finished an amazing memoir called Brother, I'm Dying by Edwidge Danticat. Very powerful, moving and well-written story.

Oh, one last thing (just to make this post as random as possible), an anecdote to underscore the absurdity that is my life: Recently my husband and I were not on speaking terms for an entire day. An entire day. He went to bed annoyed with me. I went to bed, still annoyed with him, a few hours later. As I laid down, he half woke up, took my hand and said, "Babe, I’m sorry about earlier – I know it really doesn’t matter who eats squirrels.”


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

I am forever blogging about blogging (and not blogging) and let me just say, it is sooo boring! So, it is just as well that you don't do it. But, come on, no reading something at BlogHer? I will submit something, but am quite certain I will not get picked. But of course, that would mean I need to attend and that hasn't been locked up yet. Almost ....

ByJane said...

One of the things I do like about blogging is that sometimes I SO connect with a blogger. And I feel that way about you....!

landismom said...

Okay, that is just so not fair--to leave that as the last line! I want to know--who does eat squirrels?

And I know exactly how you feel. I'm also in the not-blogging-about-blogging club, but I've considered giving it up entirely a few times over the past couple of months. And just when I thought I was out? The pulled me back in!

vhiel said...

blogging, blogging, blogging.. do we ever stop? Lol.. sometimes even though I dont need to be blogging and need to be reading my school book.. i end up online and blogging...

by the way, would you be interested in trading links with my 4 blogs?

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Staci Schoff said...

Lori I hope you make it to BlogHer - will not be the same without you.

Jane I know what you mean -- and I'm looking forward to seeing you again this year!

Landismom -- I thought about explaining myself but the more I explain the more ridiculous we sound!

Anjali said...

Love Edwidge and her previous books. Thanks for the rec for her 3rd -- I've been looking for another read!

Christine from Saugerties said...

WHO is eating squirrels?!

Can't wait to read your Hillary/Ralph/Obama rant, I mean, blog. But first order a cake from Costco, buy a bag of balloons, and set out the sprinkler (there's your birthday party; you're welcome).