Saturday, April 19, 2008

That's Why Democrats Can't Win an Election

"As a hopeful Democrat, I’m so disappointed in Barack Obama’s recent stereotyping of working class, religious, rural, and small town people. In the small Midwestern town where I grew up, there are doctors, teachers, farmers, business owners, and lawyers. There are rich people and poor people, smart people and dumb people – pretty much like the west coast city I live in now, only with fewer places to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. I suppose that Obama shouldn’t be expected to know first hand what shapes the values of ordinary Americans, but even George Bush, who had the most pampered and privileged upper class upbringing possible, has a better intuitive grasp of it (or at least his speech writers and advisors do – maybe Obama could borrow one). "

You can read the rest of my opinion here.

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PunditMom said...

Excellent post! I have been feeling similar things, having grown up on a small farm in Pa. My parents, still working on that farm, were quite upset over his comments.

PunditMom said...

Also, can you E-mail me?? I have a question for you.

Anjali said...

Brilliant post, Staci. Politicians in general, I think, are so far removed from the typical American.

Mary Alice said...

Good points Staci - I will say that it is not only politicians that are far removed from the issues in rural areas or particular regions - it is the citizens themselves. Rural Californians for example, cannot get their mind around the reasonings of rural Nebraskans or those from rural Mississippi. Each region has a particular set of historical values and too many times we cannot imagine where others ideas and value rise from.
I grew up in California and understand those points of view....but now having lived for years in other regions, I "get" those people too. It is funny to go back to California and hear my friends talk about what they perceive to be non progressive thought in other regions. Unless you have really spent some time living day to day life with people, you won't get them.

radical mama said...

I am just so done following that battle. My vote didn't count so now I am just waiting to see who makes it to the end.