Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot... I Have a Blog!

Today in my inbox I received an e-mail from BlogHer with a link to an incredible speech by Lisa Stone. And as I read it and cheered I remembered, Oh my God – I have a blog, I maybe ought to think about posting on it one of these days! But you know the drill, I’ve been sick, kids have been sick, busy at work, husband is sick, the dog ate my laptop and so on. Oh, and it’s Saturday afternoon and SOMEBODY has neglected to buy Easter eggs for coloring or any candy for the Easter Bunny to hide...

So I had a brilliant post about Eliot Spitzer and why prostitution is not “cute” and how much I despise the movie “Pretty Woman” going and then I got sidetracked and now it’s last week’s news so I’ll just give you some links that you might enjoy.

First read Lisa Stone’s speech. My favorite line is this:
"Now, let's look at the numbers. Women's interests and behaviors do not fit into discrete pink and purple silos -- the domestic diva, the soccer mom, the Sex and the City single, all labels I've seen applied to women at one point or another -- these are not keeping up with the social media times. Women online today are as interested in discussing our choice of a candidate as we are our choice of a blogging platform as we are our choice of dog food and our choice of money market account. "

It reminds me of the time I was in a fiction workshop and a single twenty-ish girl was saying that my story was not realistic because it had suburban housewives having “Sex and the City” conversations. As if just because some of us found ourselves accidentally in a cliché demographic we suddenly have no interest in our girlfriends or in sex. Grow up!

Which along with this fun op-ed about Ken Kesey reminded me of one of my favorite women, Carolyn Adams Garcia aka Mountain Girl. Not that I’ve ever been a Deadhead – for a variety of reasons I’d make a terrible groupie – but she is the epitome of a strong, independent and free-spirited woman who ended up bearing the drudgery of a typical domestic life complete with a husband who came and went as he pleased. Because, hello, when you have children depending on you, it doesn’t matter how much you’d like to smell the daffodils and soak up the sun and do whatever you want, somebody has to make sure these little humans get fed and cleaned and educated. And guess who ends up taking on that role? (Hint: it wasn’t their father, Jerry Garcia.)

And all of those combined led me to remember that I should share here one of my favorite places to take action for women everywhere from the comfort of my own computer. Check out this list of campaigns and use their very easy format to tell your representatives to support important legislation on behalf of social and economic equality.

Oh yeah, and Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

(I’d kiss you too, but you'd probably rather I not share my sinus infection.)


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Hi Staci! I've been wondering about you b/c I always read, even if I don't comment. I neglect my blog for weeks at a time too, no big deal.

Thanks for the links, but don't trash the Eliot Spitzer piece just yet - you can still post on it. Old news can still be worth writing about.

Happy Easter to you too! No kiss, thanks, I am happy to finally be healthy.

fudgelady said...

Heeey, she's back!!

Hope you're feeling better soon! And I'd love to read your Spitzer post too. Even if you have to make it the "First Anniversary of Spitzergate" post... :-)

Happy Easter!

KrisUnderwood said...

Nice to see you back in action! We got knocked out by the flu and all its aftermath too for about 2 1/2 weeks. Sucks.
So I've been MIA in the blogosphere for a bit as well.

feel better-

landismom said...

Eh, we've all been there (absent from blogging, that is). Hope the sinus infection gets cleared up soon!

radical mama said...

That's why I read good mommy blogs. Because mothers seem to be the only people who know that mothers talk about other things besides... you know, mothering.