Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saying I Love You

One fun thing about having kids is you’re forced to ponder those all-important questions. My kids always want to know things like what’s my favorite color (Um, well, red. Maybe orange. Sometimes green. Color of what?! It just depends... trick question!), what’s my favorite number (7 Baby – everybody knows bad things come in 3s, but God is in the number 7), do I think I could beat up Peter Parker (Of course – I could even beat up the Green Goblin if I wanted to) and on it goes.

Most recently they wanted to know my favorite holiday. J loves Halloween and Little One said his favorite is Christmas, though he’s rather flexible on that point – currently he keeps asking me when we can have another Superbowl Sunday. Mama’s favorite holiday is Valentines Day. No traveling or parties to attend or useless crap to buy for random people, just roses and chocolates and romance and love – now that’s a holiday.

Once I was talking to a girlfriend whose husband had given her a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Valentine’s Day, and I had to get my Mr. T on, “I pity the fool who would buy me a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Valentine’s Day,” I said.

“I think it’s very romantic,” she said, “he bought me something that he knew I really wanted.”

My husband defines romantic gift-giving in this way too. This is difficult for me, because picking out gifts for people is not something I’m good at – even people I’m very close to. I’m not a big fan of stuff in general, which is one reason the consumable nature of Valentine’s Day goodies appeals to me. Being taken out to dinner, for instance, is a particularly great gift to me – it makes a beautiful memory in my head and sometimes a good story too. Better yet, I never have to clean it or pack it up and load it into a U-Haul.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, our anniversary is in February too.

Here we are on our wedding night:

To celebrate our anniversary this year we went out to dinner at the same restaurant we went to the night we eloped ten years ago. I told my husband the funny story of Belinda’s anniversary dinner and he said, “Do you dare me to ask for nachos?”

“I do NOT,” I said.

“Because I will,” he said.

”I know you will.”

“Come on! Stunt for money?” he asked.

“I’m definitely not offering you any money to embarrass me,” I said.

Here we are two kids after our wedding night:

My anniversary gift to my husband was a Food Saver (something he really wanted). He gushed all over saying how he couldn’t wait to use it and blah blah blah. This makes me laugh, because if he had given me a Food Saver for our anniversary the only thing I would have used it for is as something heavy with which to hit him over the head. Since he knows this and he’s good and he loves me, I got a day at my favorite salon spa.

Not all women love Valentine’s Day, but I definitely do. I can’t get enough of sappy nonsense and when the sappy nonsense runs out I’m more than happy to settle for the leftover chocolates.

Here we are two kids, ten years and 15,000 mortgages after our wedding night:

Wishing you much love, whether you express it with electronics, kitchen gadgets or flowers – it’s all good.
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landismom said...

I'm starting to feel like the only woman in the blogosphere who's married to a guy who forgot Valentine's Day. Hmph. Not a good feeling.

Staci Schoff said...

Oh Landismom that's terrible, but don't feel too badly, I'm sure my husband would forget too if I wasn't such a good reminder! ;)

fudgelady said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day and happy anniversary to you two lovebirds! Great post and pix!

Enjoy your spa day -- definitely sounds like more fun than a Food Saver! :-)

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures

Anjali said...

Damn, woman -- do you NOT AGE AT ALL? Please, share your genes...

Gingersnap13 said...

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Mary Alice said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

kevin said...

You two look so in love in that wedding photo. Or was that like the third champagne bottle that night? Either way, to an outsider it looks like you fit together well. All four of you that is.

Anonymous said...

That guy you are with in the last picture is foxy, the guy you are with in the first picture just looks timid.

Pendullum said...

Happy, Happy anniversary to you both...

You sweet young couple...

Lisa said...


I hear ya on the food saver...I think I would have been arrested for "blunt force trauma inflicted to the head". ;)