Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Super Tuesday Links

There have been numerous times during the past two and a half years when I've sat here, looking at my blog that hadn't been updated in two weeks, and wondered what in the hell I was ever going to write about again. But lately that has all changed. I have blog posts oozing out of my eyeballs -- at least twenty of them ready to go. I don't know what is up with me -- but you know I can't use them all up in a hurry, because the day will come again when I'll be staring at a blank screen wondering what in the hell...

So all that to say that tonight I really really really wanted to write about Big Love, but then I said to myself, Staci, you can not rant (about television, no less) on Super Tuesday. Even if you do live in Oregon and therefore you're irrelevant, you still should post something that might give the illusion that you have a life outside of TV and shallow mindlessness. So here goes:

First, for anyone who missed it a few weeks ago, Gloria Steinem wrote a brilliant piece comparing the relative ease of overcoming racism as compared with sexism.

Next here is why NOW is supporting Senator Clinton.

Then they might not be Ted, but here is a really moving tribute to Hillary by three people from the Kennedy family who are supporting her.

And here is a really fascinating opinion exploring the observation that Hillary Clinton's best political move was her marriage. Historically and currently, a woman's best chance at political achievement (as well as her best chance to not live in poverty) is to marry the right man. Is that really cause for celebration?

Here is a t-shirt I love.

And finally, honk if you love me. No, wait, I mean click below where it says "More Funny Blogs" if you love me!

Thanks, you're the best -- I'm off to shout at the polygamists on TV.


Jill said...

But Staci, I'm an Obama supporter. That's OK, even though you're wrong, I still like your taste in t-shirts. ;-)

kevin said...

You've come back even stronger, not a novice any longer.

You've made me understand.

PunditMom said...

So much politics, so little time.

And I LOVE that shirt!