Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years UN-Resolutions

The other day I was in the process of compiling my New Years resolutions. You know the ones: Number one, lose fifty pounds in thirty days. Number two, get rich quick. Number three, be the perfect mother. And so on.

Then I read Christine Kane’s New Year’s post. Many people inspire me to make fun of them, but Christine just inspires me -- she has great ideas for things to do and things to ponder for the spiritually inclined. I took her advice, reviewed my list of unrealized goals from last year and found my word for 2008.

I’d tell you what my word is, but I don’t want to inspire you to make fun of me.

Stay tuned next week for things that make me want to homeschool part 2, our annual (I know I’m supposed to add “joyful” but I don’t like to lie) New Year’s trip to the “Snowy Mountain,” and J’s possible impending conversion to Judaism – now that Christmas is over.

Happy New Year!

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kevin said...

Your ending reminds me of the times we would hear Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of "Diff'rent Strokes."