Sunday, December 23, 2007

Links and Laughs

If you've been sitting around wondering just what, exactly, other women's vulvas look like, it's your lucky day. There's a whole book about it -- and evidently there was no shortage of women who were willing to have their vulvas photographed for the cause.

I was recently enlightened by a commenter on this post about why men shouldn't marry career girls:

"She will leave you because she has structured her life and her heart and her beliefs around a set of priorities that most men abandon when they marry. That priority structure is based on getting what YOU want when YOU want it and how YOU want it, regardless of the consequences. It's the pinnacle of Americanism. It's selfishness. Career girls are SELFISH."
Did you all know that most men abandon their career ambitions when they marry? Because that was news to me. Furthermore, I'm thinking that if it were true that generally speaking men stop bothering to earn money after marriage, that a lot fewer women would be saying, "I do," no?

I'm on vacation, so cutting it short here, but I'll leave you with a holiday story. Yesterday I woke up late and was making some fresh coffee. My mother asked, "Do you want half and half or regular?"

I assumed she was referring to cream, but no. Half decaf, she was wondering. "I can't drink decaf," I said.

So she said, "Okay, hazelnut, vanilla, peppermint, a mix...?"

"Do I have to go to Starbucks to just get a cup of coffee?" I asked.

"No!" she huffed, "Here! I have regular -- Grandma would rather have that too."

So now you're wondering, gee Staci, are you so spoiled that you can't just drink the coffee your mother likes? And the answer is actually, no. HOWEVER, MY MOTHER DOES NOT DRINK COFFEE! The four people here who do drink coffee, all like plain coffee. But my mother makes us all these crazy concoctions when we're here. She's always very impressed with herself while we all sit around saying, "Don't you just wish we could have some Folgers or something?"

Ah, the holidays.

Once my uncle said to me, "We're so lucky we have family that we actually like."

"You're not kidding," I said. "What the hell would we do if we didn't LIKE these people!"

Ahem. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got cookies to eat, beer to drink and cards to play. Merry Christmas!


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Mary Alice said...

hummm? I wonder what other women's vulvas look like? That is the recurring question really haunts me! Blahahahaha.

Have a dynamite day?

Anjali said...

Hope you had a very merry one! And a super new year!

Daisy said...

I'm laughing at the whole picture. When we host Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have to have two coffepots to accomodate the flavored drinkers and the plain drinkers. By late afternoon, post dinner, we're all decaf. or at least half caf. Me? I have and drink a cupboard full of variety.

kevin said...

The first time my wife and I went to San Francisco, we ventured around the corner from where we were staying to go into the Good Vibrations adult novelty store. There they sold The Cunt Coloring Book.

I'm sorry. Can I say "coloring book" on your blog?