Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Website Review

This is a sponsored review of the website .

This site’s primary focus is in being a search engine specifically for finding therapists. Therapists pay a fee to be listed in the directory. For $100 per year they can simply be listed and for $300 per year they can include a profile. is relatively new and so is in need of more therapists in the directory, but they are actively working on that. At present there are only a handful of states with listings.

In addition to listings for therapists there is also a crisis hotline directory, sorted both by national hotlines and state by state. There is also a directory of hospitals by state, and a section to access many journal articles for those interested in in-depth reading of current psychological research.

My favorite part of the website (perhaps not so surprisingly) is the Psychology Briefs Blog with news and information updated daily (at least). It includes entries discussing male depression, as well as the lack of psychological support available to military families and victims of Hurricane Katrina, and other current psychological topics.

I live in Oregon and there are no therapists listed here, so depending on where you live, this website could be more or less helpful in finding a therapist near you. However, for those not seeking counseling, but interested in psychology news and research in general, there are a lot of interesting things to read here.


cce said...

Thanks sooo much for this link. If you've checked out my rantings you can see that me and My Better Half had best get ourselves to a therapist or I could just continue to berate him on my blog and see if he cracks...
I'll check out the local listings and the psychology brief blog.

Lauri said...

What do you mean by " sponsored review of the website"?