Saturday, December 16, 2006

Make Me Laugh... Make Me Cry...

Make Me Laugh:

If you don't read this blog you are so missing out... it was nearly impossible to pick a favorite among the many posts that have made me laugh my head off recently.

A hilarious post about southern charm.

A funny film-short to help you get in touch with your inner-juvenile.

Make Me Cry:

Will I remember the LAST time my kids shout, "Mama! I'm done! Come and clean my butt!"????? (Please tell me there will be a last time!)

Incomprehensible human cruelty. That's all I can say I can say on the matter... Truly.

And last but not least, don't forget to participate in Her Bad Auction for the benefit of Muscular Dystrophy research in honor of a boy who is very special to one of my favorite bloggers.


Mocha said...


There will, my dear, be a last time when you must clean a butt. I can promise you that. But the echoes of "Mom? I need a wipe." still ring in my ear. A beautiful DISTANT sound.

These were great links! Not that I needed to get in touch with my inner juvenile... I sort of always am!

Her Bad Mother said...

I'm actually looking forward to the butt-wiping. Step up from diaper changing and tub dumps.

Thanks for plugging HBA. xoxo

Oh, The Joys said...

Staci! Thanks so much! I blush!!

Jill said...

Good picks!

Somehow or other my four year old has christened his father the "expert wiper" and he is the prefered parent for this job. Normally I'm pretty competive with the husband, but I'm letting this one go.

Kris said...

I read that post on Jen's blog-Christ, that was some sick, juvenile shit...made me sick. Literally.