Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Can These People Be For Real?

I don't know why I read the news... it's often nothing more than an exercise in aggravation. Here are the most recent examples of news stories that made me shout, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" at my computer screen.

The first story concerns the PBS show Postcards From Buster.

J watches Postcards From Buster, and I like for him to watch it even. It’s like a travel show for kids, if you haven’t seen it, and I’m just beside myself that anyone would want to ban it because in one episode one family has two moms.

When J was in preschool, he came home one day and announced, “O has two mommies.”

And I responded the way any (relatively) sane person talking to a four year old would. I said, “Yeah? Okay. Would you like Mama to make you a spinach pizza or mac & cheese for lunch today?”

Because first, what is the harm in a child hearing someone has two mommies and second, what else does a 4-year-old really need to know about that situation?

But listen, if you have your panties in a twist over the possibility of your children hearing this sort of blasphemy on television, here’s a tip: I have two moms and two dads, and none of my parents are gay. So there’s a ready explanation, if you think dishonesty and denial are a better way to go when raising children. Your kids, your call. But please, don’t try to take away one of the few kid shows that are actually interesting, educational and don't give me a headache.

The second story concerns the availability of Plan B in Chilean public hospitals. Now, putting aside all of the political, social, religious, etcetera issues here, I would be happy just to find an ounce (half an ounce even) of logic around the outrage here. Here are some quotes:

"According to government statistics, 15 percent of all births in Chile are to mothers 18 or younger, "

"Opponents of the policy are furious because girls as young as 14 are being allowed to have access to the emergency
contraception without any requirement that their parents be notified. "

“When we are talking about girls between the ages of 14 and 18, parental consent is important,” said Senator Soledad Alvear, president of the Christian Democrats and Ms. Bachelet’s main rival for the alliance’s presidential nomination last year. “They can’t vote or drive a car or even buy cigarettes until they are 18,” she added.

Perfectly reasonable concerns, right? Except:

"the age of consent in Chile is 14"

So fourteen year old Chilean girls are old enough to consent to sex without their parents' permission, but not old enough to decide how to deal with the consequences of that decision without their parents' input? Surely I must be missing something here... please, someone enlighten me.


jen said...

oh god. i can't. there is no logic to it.

Mom101 said...

Thanks for getting me all riled, as always. The Buster thing really kills me. When a show like that is struggling while crap like Bionicles (or whatever) has a happy home, I want to scream.