Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Pessimistic Self Is Overwhelmed Today --- A Post-Election Day Stream of Consciousness

I don't like to be disappointed, so I generally remain skeptical (unless the topic is virgin births, talking coyotes or parting of seas, in which case I'll believe anything). But what an amazing election yesterday turned out to be!

Nancy Pelosi (Mother of Five!), is now second in line to the presidency and holding the highest American government position held by a woman to date. Which means should both George and Dick happen to have an unfortunate… oh wait! I can’t say that… can I? Okay then, I mean, congratulations Nancy! Additionally, we now have sixteen female senators, which is not enough, but is at least an improvement, so I’ll take it.

It’s not a good day to be George Bush, and evidently he realized he bankrupted his “political capital” and finally fired “Rummy” (thanks Maureen Dowd). Not that he's likely to be replaced by anyone better... but, dare I ask, could anyone be worse? Poor George. I'm sure the nation’s most lovely wife has her work cut out for her tonight.

It is a good day to be an Oregonian, however… especially an uninsured one. Voters overwhelmingly approved a measure that will allow those who are uninsured or are insured, but lack prescription coverage to participate in the Oregon Prescription Drug Program, which will help so many people get the medicines they need. How I love Oregon.

Daniel Ortega wins in Nicaragua, which is exciting, but then again, it’s unclear just how “leftist” Ortega is these days. He supported the final ban on abortion in Nicaragua that essentially ensures that the life of a fetus takes priority over the life of its incubator. So he’s become sort of a “more Catholic than the Pope” style leftist (contrary to popular belief, Catholicism does NOT teach that a woman must allow her unborn baby to kill her). He has also vowed to uphold the Fair Trade Agreement, which is... interesting.

I’m not partial to any political party or any economic system. But as a rule I support people and policies that seek to uphold the inherent dignity of the human spirit and the attendant physical liberty implied therein. Meaning, in a nutshell, that however we organize things, the hungry should be fed, the sick should have medicine and the weak should be protected. Above all people should have freedom of movement and freedom of speech (a major problem, historically, of Marxist governments). It’s a tall order for Ortega, but by all accounts (barring Oliver North’s) he did reasonably well the first time around, so there is hope.

Perhaps there's hope for America too!


Anjali said...

Yes, thank God, we finally have some hope! GREAT post.

landismom said...

Yeah, I have to say, I'm normally quite pessimistic about politics, but on election night I was all hopeful again. Go, Nancy, Go!

PunditMom said...

I am so happy about the outcome of the elections, especially Nancy Pelosi! Now, I'm hoping they can actually promote some positive changes!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, and Michigan re-elected our female Governor over her challenger, the co-founder of AMWAY. It was a very good election, for sure.

Mom101 said...

I've been so damn busy, I've wanted to get here all week to see your take on this. That last paragraph just moves me - perfect. And indeed it's a bad day to be George Bush. But then, He's made many bad days for the rest of us so I suppose it's only fair.

mad muthas said...

i really hope she can live up to expectations. but when thatcher got in, we thought it might be different because she was a woman, and when blair got in, we thought it might be ok because he had young kids.
how wrong we were!