Saturday, June 03, 2006

Some Blog Housekeeping

This blog has a new URL. If you have me on your favorites, blogroll or bloglines (Thank you!), you can change it if you want to. If you’re lazy like me, you can leave it as is, because I’ll leave the referring blog up for all of eternity (just in your honor), and you can continue to visit me that way – it’s just one extra click.

Also my website will be being dismantled (slowly) and will go the way of the phonograph within a year. Now that I’ve become a HTML wiz (Translation: About 70 percent of the time I put in some code and then am shocked to discover that it worked! It really really worked!), I can’t think of a reason I need the website anymore.

To answer your questions:

1.) Yes I’m having an identity crisis.

2.) Yes I’m far too old to have identity crises.

3.) I may or may not be having a nervous breakdown… I’ll keep you posted.

4.) If I am having a nervous breakdown it may or may not be due in part to the number of times I had to clean Little One’s pee and poop off the carpet yesterday.

If you’re dying to know the actual reason for the change, I think it’s explained pretty well by my FAQ page. Essentially, I've tired of saying to everyone, "No I don't mean to say that I'm a fascist, right wing lunatic."

Thanks for visiting, please come back. I’ll try my best to write something entertaining within the next day or so.


Susan said...

Nothing drives a woman around the bend faster than potty training. I feel for you.

But rock on with your bad HTML self! Way to go!

Mocha said...

Hey, I like the fascist, right-wing, lunatic, politically incorrect mom in you. But that's just me.

Laclos said...

Is it me or are you all crazy to the core? It's me, isnt it? Boy am I emberessed!

Anjali said...

Well Staci, I would follow you anywhere, and your writing is worth changing the URL on my blog for (in case you don't know, it's a huge compliment to you, because I'm so lazy I can hardly keep up with blogging, much less changing website addresses.)

Belinda said...

What, no zen preschool teacher here, either?

Jenn said...

potty training sucks. It really does. I'll be doing that with my youngest sometime possibly maybe this summer, unless I decide it's not worth the hassle (or my sanity) and decide to keep him in diapers until kindergarten...
You can't fool me though - I know you're the same witty politically incorrect mum I blogrolled. I like the edge. Just don't fall off it ;)
oh, and Huzzah on the html! so now you're politically incorrect AND web savvy - powerful!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Lovely girl. Lovely. I'm changing it now!