Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Should Anyone Love Oysters This Much?

My husband loves seafood. And since “loves” isn’t really a strong enough word, but I can’t come up with a better one, enter picture above. These are oysters that I picked up at the grocery store the other day, brought them home and as my husband is shucking them he notices some gross (and bloody) things on the shells that look like calcified larvae of some sort, or perhaps just worms.

Now I’ve always liked seafood, and I’ve grown to love it since I got married. While the untrained observer might attribute that to marital bliss, the honest reason is that seafood is one of the two things my husband cooks. He’s always happy to shuck, pick, clean, bread, fry, grill… whatever, any kind of seafood, and food tastes a special kind of good when you were the one sitting around the whole time it was being prepared saying, “You don’t need any help? Good, I’ll just have another beer then.”

However, once the words, “some kind of bloody larvae on the oysters” are uttered, I’d prefer to eat celery or even bark dust for dinner, thanks. Not so for my husband. Here’s how it happened:

Husband: You’re really not going to eat any?

Me: Are you crazy? The kids are not eating that either.
Husband: Well, I’m cooking them… I won’t eat them raw.
I’m sorry, that doesn’t make me feel any better. He did eat his oysters (a rare treat I admit, but jeez…) and thankfully he didn’t get sick or die or even just swell up like a balloon temporarily. But I’m still glad the kids and I settled for the pan-fried Cod. Posted by Picasa


Cityslicker Mom said...

my husband eats smoked oysters, too. I think it's slimy and gross. Then he'll say, "hey, you KNOW it's an afrodisiac(sp), right?"

Jill said...

My husband says that too - just before he lifts the gray slimeball high in the air and then lets it slide down his throat to the chorus of his children saying EWWWWWW!. Yeah, there's really nothing hotter than that. SEXY!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Yeesh, you can cook snot too, but that doesn't mean you should !

Oysters are the number one cause of cooties in America, I'll have y'all know!

[shivers from a wicked case of the willies]

MommyWithAttitude said...

Yeah, there's something about the words "slimy and gross" and "snot" that sort of kills the aphrodisiac effect I think!

Anjali said...

There was a wonderful article in The New Yorker a few issues about about a man who farmed oysters somewhere off of Long Island. You husband would probably love to read it. If I could just remember which issue...

MommyWithAttitude said...
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MommyWithAttitude said...

Anjali I'll see if I can figure it out on their website. Ironically this morning there's a great article about oysters in the NYT too. The NYT journalists have probably been scouring my blog for material. ;)

Sea Change said...

If you want good oysters, you have to pay some good money. If the damn things have things growing on them, though... that's not good.

The one way I can enjoy oysters is:

1) BBQ the oysters in their shells for 10-15 minutes

2) Melt butter in a pan, and saute garlic in it

3) Split open oyster shells, and loosen the oyster from the shell

4) Pour a small amount of garlic butter into shell, with oyster

MMmm... now that is the way you eat oysters.

mothergoosemouse said...

I love seafood, but I've never grown to love oysters. Especially ones with growths on the shell.

Pan-fried cod sounds wonderful though.

ninepounddictator said...

Yum. Oysters. I also love, love, love crab legs.

I'm impressed you do that at home! I'd kill myself shucking. I swear.

Jenn said...

Since the hubster and I are both decidedly NON-fans of anything that swims or resides in water, that has never been a problem in our house. Calcified bloody larvae would have turned me off too - even if it was sitting on top of a giant peppercorn Keg steak!
I'm sure I would have served the kids something else too.

Big Orange said...

Sorry, I'm with Redneck on this one. First off, anything mottled and greyish should NOT be consumed RAW, period. Secondly, all I can think of is the anatomical chart of oyster anatomy on the wall of the Pearl Diving exhibit of Sea World of Ohio. "here are the lungs, here is the stomach..."

please, please please, gimmie food that doesn't resemble, in any way, the animal it looked like before being served to me.

MEANWHILE, if you find ANYTHING that looks even VAGUELY like parasite life on your food, TAKE THAT STUFF *BACK* TO THE STORE!!

Sheena said...

I'm an oyster fan and one of my favourite birthdays ever was spent on the beach at Point Reyes after having picked up a couple of dozens oysters directly from the grower. Learned that I'm not a big fan of them when they're 'milky', but what we didn't scarf back that day were thrown on the grill later for dinner.

Malpeque Rulz...

Recommendation is Big Daddy's crabshack in ottawa & toronto where they make their own peppered vodka as oyster condiment.