Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Britney's Birthing Position (Note: Don't Try This at Home)

I know everyone has seen the “pro-life Britney Spears giving birth” statue already. But this is the first time I’ve seen the angle with the baby’s head crowning. I’m pro-birth and all that, but… Yuck!

First, before I saw the head crowning, I thought they should rename the statue “Britney in Heat.” Now I’ve only given birth twice and I try not to remember either time very often, but I’m pretty sure at no point did I have my hind-end shooting straight up into the air. Perhaps the sculptor isn’t familiar with the law of gravity.

And then from the view of the back, if I didn’t know better I’d think it was a statue of ol’ Bessie about to pop out a calf. The way he sculpted her butt looks like it belongs on a bony dairy cow doesn’t it? But even Bessie would probably be smart enough not to try giving birth with her butt poised for launching a missile to outer space out of it. Maybe that’s the real statement the sculptor was trying to make.

On Britney’s behalf I understand she didn’t have anything to do with this. (I don't know why I'm always defending Britney... I’m not a fan! I swear!) But apparently this is just some random guy who decided that Britney’s “pro-life” since she has a baby (???) and also that this is probably what she looked like giving birth (during the parts where she wasn’t having a C-section anyway, I guess). Gees… I wonder if this guy might have some “issues.”


Sea Change said...

Oh. My. God. That's horrible! It really does look like a cow's butt, though. And seriously, it is not natural to be in that position when you're having a baby. *shudder*

Love the blog, but write more!! : )

Cityslicker Mom said...

Ha! I blogged about that not too long ago, and what's more ridiculous about it is that she had a c-section!

Cityslicker Mom said...

Ps. I hope you don't give the previous blogger rachel the time of day. You should read her most recent post. Horrible.

Sea Change said...

Oh good God. Give it a break. I don't think this respectable blogger wants to hear about your crap, and if she doesn't want to hear about my crap, she won't look at my blog, like you should do.

Sea Change said...

How dare you make this this woman's problem -- this is your problem.

Anonymous said...

Well... THAT just saved me the price of morning coffee... I'm wide awake now!!

My goodness...

Anonymous said...

wow-that is really....i dont know...kind of tasteless, actually, and the fact that it is Britney-Spears-sex-pot adds
a certain weirdness about it.

and yeah-she had a frickin C-section!

It was probably some wierd birth fantasy the sculptor had.

Now, if it were just a random, non-famous woman giving birth, would it still be called art, or would it be called tasteless?