Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Ever Happened to Cupcakes????

J. goes to Montessori Preschool every morning, which is usually good, but the latest lesson plan they're working on involves “the food group of the week” (see pretzels below). All of the kids are asked to bring something from that food group to share each week. Now don’t get me started on how absolutely bizarre I found it last week that kids were bringing things like “cooked rice” to share at school.

This week it's the meat group, and yesterday J. announced that “he” is bringing steak to share with the class this week.

I grilled him for a few minutes longer only, unfortunately, to be reasonably certain that yes, in fact, he had volunteered to bring steak for the class to share. We don’t eat steak very often for a variety of reasons (mostly because it's outrageously expensive where I live), so I don’t even have one in the freezer that I could throw under the broiler and then slice for the kids to taste. But that aside, isn’t the thought of preschoolers sharing steak at circle time kind of surreal anyway? It has Saturday-Night-Live-skit-involving-PETA written all over it.

On a good note the other day my little junk-food-fanatic told me that he's only going to eat healthy food from now on because “junk food makes us fat and sick.” And this morning he said out of the blue, “I don’t want to go to Heaven.” (referring to his great-Grandpa who he knows “got sick and died and went to heaven” before J. was born) And he went on to explain that he was going to eat healthy so he doesn’t get sick and go to Heaven "like Grandpa B."

Of course that will only last until this afternoon when he’s allowed to have his daily “junk food snack.” In the meantime I asked my husband if he really thought I ought to make a damn steak for the class, and he gave me that nod that looks like just a regular nod, but from which any mom would infer, “Isn’t that what you stay home for? To make these happy memories for them? Ya lazy slob… Just make him a steak already.” As consolation I guess we'll be having steak for dinner tonight... a rare treat.


Rachel said...

Oh, I know that look too well!

And I agree, sharing steak at circle time is a little strange. I had been a teacher in my other life, and I find it a little odd that the teacher didn't even send home a note about this explaining options to send in instead of having the KINDERGARTENERS volunteer foods! Very strange.

Jenn said...

Wow - those Montessori schools sure know how to live it up. While my nursery school son is eating pickles and kiwi, yours gets to dine on steak! ;)
I too am surprised that they not only let the kids volunteer foods to bring in, but also neglected to send a note of explanation. I mean, what if the kid volunteered to bring live octopus? (yes, mine would do something like that!) I might send some grilled chicken in, and claim ignorance about the whole 'steak' thing unless it's in writing somewhere. Kids change their minds all the time don't they?