Thursday, March 09, 2006

Can We Just Leave Britney Alone?!

I’m sure everyone has seen the infamous pictures of Britney Spears’ nanny feeding baby Sean on an escalator at the mall. Now I’m no fan of Britney’s and I agree she seems to be about as intelligent as an earthworm, but is all the criticism of these pictures really necessary?

Let me say that having been the first time mom of a five-month-old, I’m so grateful nobody was following me around the mall with a camera waiting for me to look “disconnected” or even to look, generally speaking, “like crap.” Perhaps Britney had been up all night with the baby and needed a break. Perhaps she felt nauseous and was afraid she might drop the baby. Perhaps she was having an “I’m so sleep-deprived and depressed, I might just throw the baby off this escalator, better hand him to the nanny” moment. How can anyone know?

And all of this making fun of her stomach? I realize she’s a pop star, but for those who’ve missed the newsflash, She just had a baby five months ago! Cut the girl some slack. Last I checked there’s nothing abnormal about having a little belly flab five months post-partum. It’s the rest of Hollywood that’s abnormal with their “camera-ready in 30 days” nonsense. Now, she could cover up that belly with some clothes, for instance, but since dressing appropriately has never really been her forte, there’s no reason to assume she’s thought of that.

Don't get me wrong, I’m not trying to nominate her for “Mother of the Year” here or anything. She could be the worst mother in the world for all I know, but I’m just saying these pictures don’t prove that. Every new mama needs some help and if the person who’s supposed to be helping her (a.k.a. “shiftless sperm-spreader”) is too busy out partying, why shouldn’t she hire a nanny if she can afford it? Of course, she could have chosen a better father for the baby, but that train has left the station, and we already knew “smarts” isn’t on her short-list of attributes.

Now the poor girl has to do the best she can dealing with new motherhood and a useless husband, along with possibly post-partum depression and the media constantly kicking her while she’s down. Surely we can give a new mama a break, even if she’s a dumb, talent-less tart named Britney Spears.


ninepounddictator said...

I so agree. The poor girl. Under so much scrutiny. IF I were constantly under that much scrutiny raising my child, I'm sure I'd get flusstered and look like crap too. Britney to me looks like she's still losing baby weight. Hey, it wasn't that long ago!

Anjali said...

You know, I just saw these pictures for the first time. Am I the only person that thinks she looks better with no make-up and some meat on her bones? How refreshing to see a Hollywood celebrity with "baby fat." I just saw a picture of Denise Richards and she's skinnier than a toothpick after her second. I agree, Staci, the media just needs to leave her alone.

Christine D. said...

Okay, I will admit it -- I am among Britney's critics when it comes to her apparent lack of mothering skills (driving with the baby on your lap?)and will admit to schadenfreude over her post-partum body (I'm carrying a Michelin tire around my own waist 15 months after the birth of my own child, but I judge anyway). Perhaps it's because she invited us into her and K-Loser's relationship with her short-lived reality show ("Chaos"? "Crazy"? I no longer recall the name). But I feel sorry for her too; I imagine her rushing into motherhood because it seemed like a good idea at the time without any sense of the responsibility involved in raising a child. And I truly hope she gets it together for the sake of her son.

Jenn said...

Poor Brit. It's a shame that she is getting all this flack over the baby weight - I'm still trying to get back to my pre-children weight, and my youngest is nearly 2. As for the other bone-headed things she's done, (driving with baby on her lap, getting married to K-fed, the braindead monkey, or, well, that's pretty much it I guess), I simply say - "That was pretty bone-headed" but don't feel the need to dwell on it repeatedly. Unfortunately, that little baby is a constant reminder of her ill-thought-out decision, so she is probably kicking herself, and I don't believe in kicking someone when they're down. The media is quite good at it though.

Lisa said...

Exactly. Why, oh why, do mothers feel the need to attack celebrities over and over and over again? Is it to hide their own insecurities of motherhood and make themselves feel better? Probably.

Cut her some slack is right! I look like discombulated hell and I'm at work now and my youngest is 2.

No one knows what your life is until they've lived it. Maybe she was going to throw the baby is definitely warranted with a newborn!

tomama said...

Great post. I agree 100%.

Mocha said...

Thank God no one was taking photos of me and writing columns about my parenting with my first child. They would have taken the poor girl away from me. She turned out just fine. Completely despite my influence.

Great entry.

Belinda said...

Perspective. Infant between driver and steering wheel while car is in motion--BAD. Letting someone else hold (and/or feed) baby on an escalator--um, what? There are bigger things to obsess over.

Me, I'd have left the poor child home *with* the nanny if I felt like I had to get out, but hey. Never had a nanny, never will, so who'm I to talk?