Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google Funnies

I got this idea from the Wacky Mommy blog. Here’s a list of crazy things people have plugged into search engines and subsequently arrived at my website:

1.) matronly breasts – Perhaps I need a new picture of me here… one from the neck up?
2.) living like a 1950 s wife and mom – Hang on a sec while I call Wally and the Beav to supper.
3.) feminist leaves her children – There’s a name for that and it aint “feminist.”
4.) rotten mothers – Hey! Give us a break here, we’re doing the best we can!
5.) weenies calories – If I’m eating weenies, calories are the least of my concerns!
6.) vegetarian unpatriotic – Well you know what they say, “Beef... Real food for real people!” Or at least that’s what the Beef Council says.
7.) my husband is getting fat – My husband wonders what I’m saying about him here now!
8.) is doing housework on important thing in family life ? – Only if you can’t afford a housekeeper.
9.) crisco then and now – I think my Grandma did this one.
10.) mug woman who raise woman – I’m speechless.
11.) moms gag – Now and then it’s inevitable I suppose.
12.) how to get the reminder doing long division -- Typo is not mine!
13.) vegetarian accidentally ate –Vegetarians aren’t allowed to eat?
14.) feminist darla shine – I can’t wait to tell Darla she’s a feminist!
15.) mouthy political bitches – Who, moi?


Carrie said...

Doesn't it just crack you up? I once got googled by someone looking up 'husband diapers me in public'. I was like - HOW would they get my blog from that? LOL

I love your blog!

MommyWithAttitude said...

Thanks Carrie! Glad you're here.

Sandy said...

Oh yeah. My worst yet was "petticoated bad boy husband." Couldn't wait to tell my husband about that one.

MommyWithAttitude said...

Yikes Sandy! LOL

Anjali said...

This is hilarious. You now have me wondering whether I'm actually a "vegetarian unpatriotic" -- a term I hadn't heard of until now, but one that another person may have used to fairly accurately describes me... Hmmmm.

Jenn said...

OMG, I laughed at that last one. I'm surprised MY blog didn't show up there as well....

Anonymous said...

okay i'm laughing hard over here. funny! Wacky Mommy


ps did i just post this 3 times by accident? completely can't figure out how to do this.