Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pop Psychology and Stress

Recently I was taking a “how good is your health” quiz. I've never been a big fan of psycho-babble, but the results of this quiz gave me a new appreciation for just how ridiculous it is.

To give some background information (be warned, I came up with this self-assessment with no help from a "qualified" therapist), as an only child I’m fairly selfish. I tend to be lazy and yet I need the house to be tidy and clean or it drives me crazy. I’m also easily grossed out. For example, I’m not mean to animals or anything, but I’d rather not touch them or have them laying around on my furniture, all things being equal.

So when I say I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to life with two little ones in the house, it’s a grand understatement. The messes, the messes, and did I mention the messes? After a day of constant cleaning, I look around the house to see a big mess and it can make me a little stressed out.

So about the quiz. At the end of the quiz it said I could use some stress relief (and, frankly, I didn't need a quiz to tell me that) and that since dogs are great stress relievers for people, I should consider getting one. Ahh for the simplistic and inane. I can’t think of anything that would create more stress for me than getting a dog, aside, maybe, from having another baby. But at least babies don’t gross me out and make me feel like I have to wash my hands every time I touch them. So I'm going to say the dog would be a greater stress producer.

Thankfully, even in this day and age of asking Dr. Phil how many times a day one should relieve her bladder, I still have the confidence to take control of my own mental health and to skip bad advice.

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